The Kubernetes Journey – Replacing Kubernetes Certificates

If you are anything like me then you probably hate certificates, you understand why they are required but still hate them with a burning passion..To further my hate for certificates, I ran into an issue today where a cluster’s API certificate had expired which as you could imagine caused a bit of a headache.

The Kubernetes Journey – Using VMware as your CSI

In my initial setup I opt’d to use use NFS as my CSI as the lab I was using to play around was still vSphere 6.7u2 which did not meet the minimum requirements for Cloud Native storage. So I decided to spend some time over the weekend and upgrade it to 7.0u2 which was recentlyContinue reading “The Kubernetes Journey – Using VMware as your CSI”

The Kubernetes Journey – CSI and Kasten Backups

In the previous post we mentioned a Kubernetes cluster is made up of a CNI, CSI and a container runtime.We previously went through the process of deploying our container runtime(containerd) and our network interface(calico) and managed to bootstrap the whole setup together forming our functional cluster, Awesome! Continuing with our learning here as always I’mContinue reading “The Kubernetes Journey – CSI and Kasten Backups”

The Kubernetes Journey – Setup

Looking at how IT is changing it is undeniable that containers has become the latest hot topic and rightfully so, arguably becoming the next step in the virtualization lifecycle, Not that it should be viewed as a replacement for VMs, in fact i think we will be seeing containers and VMs living side by sideContinue reading “The Kubernetes Journey – Setup”

Synology DS1621xs+ is an absolute power house..

We all love storage and these days even in a home setting we store terabytes worth of data. The new cliché saying is “Data is the new oil” and when you think about it that is very true. We generate an unreal amount of data each day which must be stored somewhere, what better wayContinue reading “Synology DS1621xs+ is an absolute power house..”

Azure and Back Again – A Veeam Tale – Part 1

We talk a lot about cloud mobility and how it has affected the IT landscape of the past decade. It has disrupted business as we know it as it seems every company is going through a cloud journey of some sort most prominent being the public cloud. We see customers moving workloads to public cloudContinue reading “Azure and Back Again – A Veeam Tale – Part 1”