Hi, My name is Andre Atkinson.

I am a Senior Platform Specialist based in Perth, Western Australia. Veeam Architect and Vanguard with a background in Storage and Backups and a keen focus on Automation and Kubernetes.

Over the years I have become a bit of a Veeam Supporter to the point where I am sure I annoy my colleagues with how much I talk about the product. Working with Veeam led me to pursue the ultimate certification that they offer and recently passed my VMCA officially becoming a Veeam certified architect and became a Veeam Vanguard in 2020 and have been renewed for 2021!
I also recently had the privilege of becoming a VMware vExpert.

All opinions on this website are of my own and do not represent those of Veeam Software in any shape or form.
Credit to my beautiful wife for the amazing photos.

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